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2Eros Heracles Thong

2Eros Heracles Thong

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2Eros Heracles Thong

Unleash your inner hero with Heracles; where strength meets style.

Step into the realm of the gods with Heracles; featuring the CURV Tech pouch to bring you unmatched support, comfort and strength you never knew your underwear needed.

Feel the divine embrace of premium Egyptian cotton which is known for it’s strength, ultra-absorbency and softness. It is also lightweight and super breathable due to the porous nature of Egyptian cotton. Plus, Egyptian cotton is known to be gentle to the skin which makes it perfect for sensitive skin.

Heracles underwear is part of the LFE collection. LFE products are designed with purpose, to withstand life, be comfortable and sustainable by using renewable premium fabrics, and ecological to make you look good and feel good about the what you’re wearing. These are the foundations of LFE.

Fit: Low-Rise Thong

Pouch: CURV Tech

Great For: Tight trousers as they don't bunch up and show underwear lines

Campaign model: 187cm and 90kg and wearing a size M 

Product model: 189cm and 87kg wearing a size M

Boost your silhouette with CURV technology for all-day comfort and support

Fabric: 95% Giza 86 Egyptian Cotton, 5% Spandex

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